Fashion: An Avalanche of Fearless Colours

Spring / Summer 2011 is an explosion of colour madness and  boldness worn in exuberant clashing blocks. I am confident that you would have noticed the exciting mix of colour splashes  in display windows or inside stores and boutiques around the city. Colour blocking is this summer’s hottest trend showcased across  runways during the various fashion weeks which will allow you to combine  a vibrant orange silk chiffon blouse, a green knee-length pencil skirt,  an over-sized golden clutch bag and sexy purple satin  stilettos without being ridiculed;  I am being serious! – Ok fine; that is pushing it a little bit I agree, but you get my drift. Basically, it means wearing big blocks of color next to each other. Had I  attempted this some years ago, I can guarantee you that I would have been glared at on every single street corner or in the worst case scenario, been pounced upon and toppled to the ground by the fashion police for having committed crimes against humanity.

For the dormant  fashionista in you who is feeling a little apprehensive about the prospects, I would suggest beginning with one bold colour and mixing it up with either white or black. Pastel colours are also a good choice; they are not as pronounced and can deliver a similar effect with lighter, fresher tones. Add coloured  chunky wedge heels or ankle strap shoes, a bag of your choice and other accessories to sprinkle the final little details and finishing touches to your outfit .

For the  avant-garde fashionista, colour blocking permits you to mix and match three to five colours! It is not an easy thing to achieve; however the most important aspect is to select colours which compliment one another when assembled and which flatter your skin tone. I absolutely love the April Zara Woman collection Lookbook, it is mouth-watering!

One of my style mantras is to ‘be my own worst critic and trust my instinct’ . Meaning,  if you look in the mirror and your outfit does not  look or feel right; chances are that you are 99% correct! If you question yourself, so will others because being uncomfortable shows – If you cannot improve it  then get changed!  Do not be stubborn and go out looking like you got dressed with the lights switched off.

Fashion is essentially about your personal style. I am sure that you will have fun dressing up this summer. I will definitely be on a hunt for some colour blocking accessories (dribbles  at the thought, while rubbing hands together).

I was curious to see what the ultimate bargain store on the British high streets had to offer; PRIMARK- need I say more?!  My shopping trips there have been few and far between this year. Beware of the queues during this season, Alton Towers would be put to shame!

To say that their colour blocking campaign surprised me, would probably be an understatement. Let me know what you think.

Do not worry if you are feeling a little bit intimidated by all the colours.  I encourage you  to be fearless this summer. Allow your inner child to take charge of the paintbrushes; let her play and experiment with colours.

There couldn’t be a better time to get it sooo wrong ..and yet sooo RIGHT!

Aquilano Rimondi / Diane Von Furstenberg / Prabal Gurung / Gucci
Jil Sander / Jil Sander / Jil Sander / Jil Sander
  Colour block me happy…

Everything worn here is from Zara, including the shoes (Zara Woman). You can purchase the Ariel Ombre Clutch directly from Mar Y Sol; although mine was from Anthropologie – (no longer available me thinks).

Accessories are my obsession; the bag was the last item I purchased; admittedly the purple worried me quite a bit. This is a good example of how to tie in different colours by using accessories. I am wearing black stud earings and a black leather belt (wardrobe necessities). The bangles are a mixture of different complementary colours from mine and my sister’s jewelery boxes.

Finally, the lipstick is from good old uncle MAC ; my choice is the ‘vivid bright coral-red’ (Matte) named Lady Danger.

[ Credits goes to my darling-fashionista-in-the-making miss Vanessa A La Mode for this photograph.]

4 thoughts on “Fashion: An Avalanche of Fearless Colours

  1. I find the fashion Realy cool and unique , The colours are amazing. I like the way the colours are put in place, colours like , red blue yellow and many more. I also have tried the colours before.

  2. Hello MADELEINE,

    Thank you for visiting my website and left such sweet comments, I am so impress by your writing, I like what you wrote, and they are very inspired!!!

    Keep going Mom!!! I am sure we will have a lot of fun here!! 🙂




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