Small Brain, Big Thoughts

2011 is the year I vowed to take a leap at life, sail my own ship,  grab the bull by the horns, pin the tail on the donkey, jump into the unknown; well you get my drift. Hence the motto for my blog ‘because life is about making choices and taking risks’. What? Did you think that I was just trying to be clever?

I have been working on a little business venture since January but I’ll keep the details under wraps for a while (don’t be so nosey lol). So right now,  life is a juggling act between motherhood, university  and entrepreneurship (sometimes I thank God for leaving my job – too many pressures in my life! Imagine the zombie I would have been during the exams period? No job hunting for me right now).

As individuals, we have a tendency of moaning about what we do not possess, day dream about what we wish we could be and how we want our lives to become. If you are my Facebook buddy, you will know that I am an advocate for ‘education for life’. It is a continuous process, and with so many opportunities out there,  not seizing them would be committing crimes against all emerging markets economies and underdeveloped countries (oh yes, I took it there!)

have the ability to tick off the things you have listed in your life’s ‘To Do List’

I cannot tolerate people who invest more energy in sitting and complaining than they do in thinking and resolving. It is necessary to have drive and determination in order to  have the ability to tick off the things you have listed in your life’s ‘To Do List’. Do not put up with negativity!  In my world the glass is always half-full because in theory if there is a problem, then, there will most certainly be a solution – now the length it takes to resolve it  is another issue all together. Consider the situation with Palestine and Israel for instance……………………………….huge problem right? Apologies for bringing your thoughts to a sudden halt – I do that a lot, don’t I ?  I just want you to think in retrospect and challenge your thoughts sometimes.

Right, so where were we? Yes;  what I meant to say was that the analogy can be applied in every aspects of your life. My advice is be fearless and dare to go where others have failed to reach. Create the environment you want to be part of, it will not come to you. Do not conform, break the mold and if people talk it will be just because they envy your courage. Life is a bitch challenging sometimes, but you need all the energy that you can muster, so why waste it on worries?

Dare to dream, Dare to live.

Take the leap, Take the chance.

Make the changes, Make the calls.

Enrol on that course, Apply for that job.

Jump the hurdles, if you fall get up. Persevere.

You will be your own worst critic, so do not worry about what others have to say. When everything falls into place; YOU will be the proudest of YOU.



  1. Rianna · · Reply

    I love this it’s a real push in the right direction.

    1. Be inspired and go for whatever your heart desires. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder and encouragement.

  2. Feeling low, feeling grey and so being nosey as ever I stumble onto your article which has given me a right NUDGE. Thank you

    1. We all have those days Mimi. I think that is what inspired me to write this; a little note to self which I can share with others. Now get back up and keep walking; you are almost there..


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