Amy Winehouse’s Death: A Shock, Not A Surprise.

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It it undeniable that Amy Winehouse had great talent. She had a very distinctive  tone to her voice which was  influenced by her love for artists such as Sara Vaughan and Dianah Washington. This meant that she was able to set her mark on the very pop music scene very rapidly; offering a different genre – a combination of jazz, Soul and R&B. Winehouse was determined not to be another packaged artists like many others within her age group. Her music offered a walk down memory lane for the older generation and a much needed new sound for the current generation.

Unfortunately, like many talented artists that have preceded her, Amy Winehouse was hunted by her addictions to drugs and alcohol. The cause of death is still unknown but speculations (myself included) point to her very publicised love affair with cocaine, crack, heroin, alcohol and chain smoking (among others). She tried hard to achieve sobriety on numerous accounts by going to rehab but in the end the addiction was stronger than she was. Winehouse was found dead in her home in Camden Town on July 23, 2011. Paramedics pronounced her dead on the scene  at 3:54 pm. She was only 27 years old.


Amy winehouse’s death is a shock but not a surprise. Her death will be marked perhaps as one of the darkest days in British music history  because not only was she a promising artist with a refreshing sound, but she also was very authentic in every sense of the word.  Aged only 26, she had already won five Grammys, three Ivor Novellos and a Brit for Best Female, symbolising her incredible talent. I really liked her music but never kept up with her shenanigans only when it came up in the news that she had been re-institutionalised into rehab or summink *(see glossary). I felt for her; many of these artists have everything going for them, but God is the missing element they always seem to be lacking inner-peace; so attempt to fill the gap with substances. Amy Winehouse is just another example of a tormented soul in show business who was on a clear route to self-destruction. Her biggest downfall was probably her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil who ironically played a big part in the success of her album called ‘Frank’ – a biographical album in which Winehouse wrote about the trial and tribulations of their relationship. Blake has been accused of having introduced Amy to drugs and having fuelled her addiction although I think that as an adult she was accountable for making her own decisions too.

I watched the cringe-worthy performance that took place at the concert in Belgrade whilst on her European tour and it broke my heart. Why on earth did her ‘entourage’  even let her out of the house? Why didn’t they ignore her diva demands and freaking tied her up onto a chair with chains and padlocks?!! She was completely out of it! Her pain and awareness of her demise is so evident in this performance. it is very painful to watch.

Everyone  has had very mixed feelings about the amount of press coverage her death has had when worse tragedies are occurring around the globe, many of which do not even get a quarter of the attention. I hope that her death will serve as an example for all addicts or those who abuse substances. Drop the freaking needles and walk away! Needles are not demon-repellents! Take those little demons that are tormenting you by the horns and drag their burning arses to church!

Amy Winehouse entertained, touched and mesmerised millions of people. It is a shame that she has now joined the 27 club (artists who died aged 27), but she has left a legacy behind which no current artist can fill. I do not agree that she was an icon as many people are suggesting, but I feel that given more time and growth she would’ve earned the title. RIP Amy Winehouse.

And I dedicate this one to myself, a true performer; God bless her soul…. A Bright star whose light went out too soon.

Do you think that we have lost an icon?


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  1. sophie · · Reply

    She was something different; unique; a fantastic voice. Not a packaged artist we see produced on shows like American Idol or Xfactor. Forget all the drugs, she was a real human being with certain issues. Her talent was real and it reminded me of Judy Garland who died in the same way. I can’t judge either. RIP Amy Winehouse.


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