Style Hit: Dissecting Solange


It is becoming difficult not to take notice of Solange nowadays. Not too long ago I could not even  distinguish her among the accolade of Destiny’s Child back up dancers. In fact, she was known to most of us as Beyonce’s little sister, whose career would forever be monstrously overshadowed by that of her sibling.


Solange Knowles is slowly becoming a household name in the styles front. So much so that she is gradually beginning to be known just as ‘Solange’ – yes, in the real world it happens to the best of us – but in Hollywood, you know you have arrived when your surname is no longer required.

Knowles ditched the hair extensions, taking her appearance from girl next door to  edgy and quirky alpha female. It made the world take notice of her – a fresh start, a clean slate, dictated by  her own rules with an armor of confidence and a killer wardrobe to match.

This twenty five years old is right up my style street.


Here comes the girl…

1. MonochromeSolange Knowles hangs out a beer and some friends on Day 1 of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Ca21

2. Texture, prints & patterns


3. Head wraps & turbans


4. A pop of personality: Must-have accessories

5. Must-have shoes

In an interview with (2010) , she proclaimed : “The shoe is very important. I can’t even fuck with you if your shoe game is slacking.”

6. Experimental make-up


A true Knowles at heart

What I love most about this Knowles, is that her style captures femininity to its core. She dictates what works for her, experimenting with various styles and trends on the market. Bright lipsticks and nail polishes are the icing on the cake – she pays attention to little details. From minimalist to sassy, she maintains sophistication.

The singer-songwriter, actress, model, dancer, and DJ can certainly add ‘Style Muse’ to her long list of attributes. Fashion may just have secured her with a lifeline in Hollywood to truly step away from her older sister’s successful career. I look forward to seeing her personality unveil and perhaps, this may just be the boost she needs to truly set her mark on the music scene.

To conclude, I can officially say that if I die tomorrow, you may bury me in Solange Knowle’s wardrobe. There I shall find some killer-styling peace and fashionable solace.



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  1. LOVE IT!!!!

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