October Buys

It is important to treat ourselves on a monthly basis. I remember the days I used to work tirelessly but  all I seemed to do was pay bills, bills, bills – nooooo, not Destiny’s Child anthem, stop it! Stop singing right now!- But you know the feeling of working your butt off and trying to be the model citizen customer by putting those things first? Before I knew it, I began to resent ‘The System‘.

One should satisfy certain needs and wants: PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Buy that laptop or that iPad, that dress or those shoes, that bag or that watch,  that new sofa or that flat screen TV you have been monitoring in store for months.

Now in the spirit of things, having hopefully justified this purchase to you, here is this month’s spontaneous treat. I was browsing the accessories rack at Miss Selfridge and came across these beauties. All items were on sale, I spent about £20.

I relish at the thought of what I am going to do with all these babies…. mmmmm the shallow things in life that matter. A very satisfied customer indeed.




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