Happy new year to all my readers and thank you for being faithful to me and to my blog. It is almost a year since I embarked on this hobby of mine and I am quite proud of myself for having had the audacity to put my opinions so ‘out there’ per se to share with complete strangers and of course for the amount of visitors that have been curious enough to scour, engage, connect and converse on Zer Blog – 10 000 fan hits , hurrayyy!!

This is going to be a light conversation – or rather monologue since technically nobody is responding to me right now , so you know; a little sentimental vomit heart to heart and uplifting words to kick start 2012.

I haven’t written as much as I had hoped for since my trip back from Congo (August 2011); that is what that country does to me; it sucks me up and leaves me breathless. Feelings of anger, hopelessness, helplessness; of endless possibilities, joy and longing for prosperity that it so much deserves all muddled up together in one huge mess. Sometimes wanting to completely forget about it, afterall I am in cosy England who cares about ‘The Heart of Darkness’ that Joseph Conrad talked about?  Its problems are so deeply entrenched; what can little Madeleine do besides moan and weep? But something always pulls me back, I guess home will always be where the heart is……

You would not imagine that I have 9 pending uncompleted posts that have been rotting away in my drafts inbox! Some which are pretty much redundant now, however  I will finish up a few that I feel are relevant to post for your readership.

Looking back at 2011

Every year I do an annual review to establish what I have accomplished; whether I met certain targets that I set for myself  for instance, with work, studies, personal growth, in love, my friendships, finances and so forth.  Firstly thanking God for blessing me and keeping me safe, as well as my loved ones is very important. I gave up on new year’s resolutions years ago, just because by February everything fell apart!  What I do instead is have a short term plan (12 months), a mid-term plan (2-5 years) and a long term plan (6-10 years). God willing; give myself an overview of my hopes and where I would like to see myself during these periods , adding and amending as I see fit.

As a woman I am content with owning my femininity

2011 was the year I celebrated ME/MOI. I left my job and took time to nurture the talents beseeched onto me and figure out exactly the kind of career I would rather channel my energy into. I realised how creative I am – re embraced is probably a better word; something that I have neglected while working fulltime as a maniac for the past few years. As a child I used to draw and paint. As a teenager I was very much into hairdressing and styling, later I attempted jewellery making , now a bit of  amateur photography; so anything that involves craftsmanship and moulding with my hands I grasp pretty easily.

There was also a lot of personal growth which is always a positive because if you are not evolving then there is a problem. For instance, in the way I carry myself, who I choose to have relationships with, mentally and spiritually. As a woman I am content with owning my femininity and being able to own my opinions and stand by them without guilt or fear of retribution.

 Moving forward

The problem with being great at many things is that, you are not excelling at one thing

Very recently I have been contemplating  job opportunities in general; which industry and sector to aim for; voluntary, private, public? The creative industry?  I have established during my self-analysis as I like to call it, that my skills and capabilities are vast and this is the very reason I have been unable to channel my job-search properly nor decide where and what my ideal role would be. Being great at many things has actually impaired me in a way because  I was finding it difficult to place myself into one box – not excelling in one thing is probably my biggest concern; one must excel in one area as it differentiates the hobby from the career.

So that was my light-bulb moment – and thank God that I figured out my main weakness. I have concluded that I love policy making and I enjoy everything else that I undertake.  That clarified, my job hunt will be more focussed.

Let’s face it

In though economic times, people become more daring because they are chanllenged to cope in difficult environments

A new year can be daunting and filled with uncertainties but it is important to do some self-analysis; take a moment to regroup and re-assess the pros and cons of the previous year and how you can channel positivity into the new year in order to be more efficient.

Do not waste your energy on passed events that may dampen the optimism a new year brings, see it as a clean slate. There is always a lesson to be learned from any experience in life – it may be about yourself, the individual, your environment, a situation, an organisation or company and so forth. I choose to keep positive after a good old rant in all situations I encounter and in all projects that I undertake no matter the circumstance because problems and solutions go hand in hand.

Take some of the planning tips that I use and apply them to yourself , seeing your aspirations on paper will make them more tangible – as opposed to just thinking them (intangible).

If you were thinking of putting those entrepreneurial skills to the test then go ahead. In though economic times, people become more daring because they are chanllenged to cope in difficult environments and become very resourcefull; ironically, there couldn’t be a better time for you to get the ball rolling.

As for me, this year I am looking forward to producing my headwraps with my two partners, keep voicing and pushing matters of the Congo forward and take every day as it comes.

I hope to have touched upon something that you can relate to, or even motivated you somehow to take the bulls by the horn and be fearless with your life choices this year.

Feel free to comment and share your views and most importantly, let us keep the conversation going.

Happy New Year 2012 to each and every one of you. x



  1. very interesting thoughts you have here. keep at it!

  2. Thanks Alex for taking the time to read it. Very encouraging.


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