Black Skirt, Sparkle, Red, Blue & A Girl

I have the most random pieces in my wardrobe and when I shop, my picks tend to be the most laughable uncoordinated  items. I could pick a floral shirt, a polka dotted blazer, a stripy pair of trouser all at once! Rest assured, my intentions are not to wear them all at the same time.  Here is an example of me styling a black skirt and sparkly red top. Using simple accessories such as belts, it is possible to alter the entire mood of an outfit. The skirt was not originally a high-waisted one, I deliberately chose to wear it that way.

I am really into textures at the moment,  whether it be silk, embroidery, lace, fur, wool etc. Although Spring is upon us, I make the most of the season by purchasing last minute Winter gems for the coming year.  The English weather can be very unpredictable, so I always try to break the mould by purchasing statement jackets and blazers which are a necessity; a stylish way of transitioning from the warmth of the morning sunrise to the cooler mid-afternoon breeze.


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  1. LOVE ITT! Foxie


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