EAT: Caesar Salad

In homage of gluttony; that is, the Nandos full platter with extra fries, two side orders (namely coleslaw and Caesar salad) and a drink…. [takes one minute  of silence in remembrance of my last visit stumble there];  I decided to make my first attempt at preparing one of my favourite starters: The Caesar salad. And why not turn it into a blog post? I am a bit of a gastro-nerd and love watching others cook, asking questions and gaining tips. This recipe is somewhat unconventional because I did not use the traditional ingredients such as parmesan cheese, the Cos or Romaine lettuce. Instead, I stuck to ingredients my taste buds were familiar with. I combined a variety of lettuces and leaves to add texture and colour. Next time I will attempt to create my own Caesar dressing to enhance my culinary skills.  My mother always says that cooking is an art and I couldn’t agree more.

For the recipe check out Simon Rimmer’s Spiced chicken Caesar salad or James Martin’s made from scratch Caesar salad.



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