What To Blog About?

The pitfalls of blogging is that eventually you begin to second guess your postings once your number of visitors becomes consistent. There is a demand and a need to satisfy your audience, so the pressure begins to create itself. How consistent do I have to be? Is this topic blog-worthy? Is that other one  entertaining enough? Would talking about this affair reflect my intellectual capacity? Is that other topic a little too cliche? Will my subscribers leave if I keep on ranting about Congo this topic? A lot of my visitors seem to like the fashion posts, so should I write more about fashion?  And the list continues….

I rarely suffer from ‘The writer’s block’ ; in contrary I have too many things that I would like to share on my blog the majority of which happens in my head but  once the momentum of blogging about a particular topic passes, it pretty much seems pointless for me to share here.

 I like my blog to have the ability to teach you something

People often ask me what my blog is about, and just like that, I am unable to define it. It is random.  Hopefully my sense of humour shines through, but it does not have a niche. I understand that my audience  includes both males and females, so I try to give a somewhat universal read (a shout out to my male fashionistas out thuuurrr *coughs* lol). I like this blog to be a place where we learn together ( I am a bit of a research freak, I get excited when I find something new), I like my blog to have the ability to teach you something, where you can see a different  side of Africa and cultures, where we can discover different music,  Arts and discuss social issues that can challenge your way of thinking.

I guess after all is said and done, that is the appeal of Zer Blog; because truly, I know that you appreciate its randomness so for now it shall remain so. 🙂


Here is a photo of me featured in F.A.B magazine (Fabulous.African.Black) in the UK, in the March/April issue. It was quiet nice and flattering coming from the fashion editor…

And this is me yesterday in Russell Square at an event. I have a fondness for blurred images, they really capture my imagination…..

Seek ye first clarity…..

“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose — a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”
~ Mary W. Shelley, English Novelist (1797-1851)



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