Who’s been a naughty girl?

Hello beautiful beings!!!The title is appropriate. Ironically my last blog post was entitled ‘What to blog about?’ and just like that the frequency of my posts were affected.

I ‘ave been busy al’righ!

That is the blogger’s greatest calamity. Wait; did I just  address myself as a blogger officially for the first time? I do not feel as though I have earned the title  yet ; perhaps in my third year, this being the first, I shall refrain from doing so . ‘Who’s been a naughty girl’  is a bit of a Bla-Bla-Blog post. An update of what has been going on  around me, what I have been up to and so forth…

Exams were a bitch are always a stressful period for me, so between March – June my posts become pretty much non-existent. And then there was the 52nd Congolese independence on the 30th of June – a bitter-sweet period of reflection of my country’s  lack of progress since this historical event took place.  Today, there are unimaginable terror still happening in Eastern Congo with the now new formed (or rebranded) rebel group M23  who have managed to displace some 200 000 civilians from their homes. Does one celebrate or stay home mourning the losses? That my friends, was the question on everyone’s lips. Even in the DRC itself the said president Joseph Kabila ordered for all celebrations to be cancelled and church ceremonies and prayers to be carried out instead. Prayers Sir? How about training soldiers and preventing the looting of the country by neighbouring countries? How about protecting the thousands of women who are being assaulted in the name of state balkanisation? Prayers alone are ineffective. How about some real action? How about, how about, how about?

Needless to say, I celebrated. The way I see it, Congo’s freedom needs to be contextualised. In 1960, the country gained its independence from the hands of the Belgium state.  During this era, King  Leopold II ‘s harsh regime was responsible for the death of an estimated 5 to 15 million Congolese people, which led to the largest witnessed international outcry of the time.  The population endured slavery, outrageous exploitation, a lack education, discrimination and widespread human rights abuses. So one can only imagine the  jubilation and significance of gaining independence in 1960 for this oppressed nation. That is the reason I believe it is important to celebrate the DRC’s independence day: In remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives by paying the ultimate price, for permitting the rest of us to have equal some rights.

Having said that, I can sympathise with most Congolese people (diaspora and inland) who today feel angered and abandoned by the international community. Who today deem the independence day as a farce. The suffering still persists and exploitation and human rights abuses have taken a new form. A lot remains unresolved………but that is a cause for this generation to fight for in my opinion.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion and headwraps …

There has been plenty of fashion shows or fashion-related events which have been coming my way. In all honesty, I try not to post so much about fashion because my audience here varies; and although I sprinkle wardrobe ramblings; discourse baby; discourse is the key word on Madeleine’s finger tips….

Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is on the horizon. I shall be keeping you updated on that in the coming days. Africa Unplugged (a music-packed event with acts coming from across Africa) is also on the calender. God-Jam; an innovative talent showcase where christian youths compete for a £1000 prize money is also coming up. Not forgetting the London Olympics 2012. There is so much to do in the city at the moment, it is unbeleivable. The amounts of tourists around, the buzz, the atmosphere; I love it! – as well as having the Mayor of London Boris Johnson on tannoys throughout the London underground network giving us advice O_O What the heck?! That freaks me out and did I mention that today my sister and I shuddered when his voice suddenly came out of tannoys on the BUS we hoped on in Oxford Street?! The shock we were in….. Borris stick to the TV screens thank you very much! We do not need you everywhere in our lives!

Highlight of the month…

3384 visitors for 8 weeks with no posts!!! That is why this narrative was entitled ‘Who’s been a naughty girl?’ Once again, you are gems for coming through ZER BLOG. I shall leave you for now with some highlights in pictures. What have you been up to lately? Leave a comment or drop me a link to your blog or website so I can keep up with you too.

(photos coming soon)



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