The evolution of Wo-Man

Last Sunday we were invited at the AsekeOge fashion sales party to carry out head-wrapping demonstrations. The reception was amazing. This is what I wore on the day  and how I tied my own head-wrap; very avant-garde and risque. It was completely made from fabric and although it appears heavy, it was very light. The one I utilised is the high-end wax cotton fabric called ‘Super-Wax’, selling at £80 for the fabric alone. This one is a vintage peice taken from my mother’s closet, it is over fifteen years old. It is also one of my favourites since it is can be worn during any season because the colours are not too overpowering. Notice how the blue accents in the fabric compliment my Zara jeans; that is the trick with bold fabrics, the ability to make them ‘blend’ with what you are wearing – paying attention to the minute details.

We fell in love with a lamp; our muse….. My lil’ sis brings out the silliest side to me; she started this and I just followed suit like an idiot hoping nobody noticed us in the hotel loby at the end of the party  lol ♥ Xstelle



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