LOKUMU Monthly: Lisette Mibo is our cover girl

Lokumu Monthly pays tribute to people of Congolese descent who are excelling in their given field of work (Arts, Fashion, academics, music etc). The aim is to create a positive outlook of the DR Congo through Zer blog by introducing you to various individuals.

This month pays tribute to the  London-based model and activist Lisette Mibo who has graced the front cover of Zen Magazine’s September issue.  Lisette is a gentle soul (ok, I blatently know her so will keep the formalities for rainy days). What I admire most about her is the tenacity, determination and passion she has for her work. Most importantly perhaps, is the level of professionalism she has cultured  with great attitude and work ethics which is very important in the fashion industry.

Miss Mibo is an ambassador for the London-based charity ‘Save the Congo’, which lobbies in order to stop atrocities from continuing in DRC.  Through the charity, she campaigns against human rights abuses and  utilises her profile to raise awareness on the situation in the region.

In this month’s issue of Zen Magazine we see a different side to Lisette. She speaks of motherhood, staying in shape and balancing her modelling career with one aim in sight ‘Saving the Congo’

I worked with Lisette on the shoot for the mag (and learned a thing or two about posing) in which she adorned Kiyana Wraps.

Be on the look out for her; a great inspiration…..

Source: http://zenmagazineafrica.com/editorials/irresistible-charming-lisette-mibo-congo-september-2012-cover-girl/

One comment

  1. I’m glad you introduced her to us, i didn’t know about her though i’ve seen some pictures of her on the internet…proud of a sister


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