4th day in Barbados

I have been soaking up the Barbadian sun since Monday. The tropical island is a bijoux with flawless sandy beaches protected by coral reef. The weather is superb, the views are breath-taking with an array of swaying palms….. Β 

I celebrated my birthday on the 11th of September Β – let us toast to that πŸ™‚ ; Β we spent the afternoon on the beach and later had dinner at Cafe Sol, a cosy Mexican Grill and Margaritta Bar right along the strip.Β 

Barbados is very relaxing and tranquil. The locals are friendly and non-nonchalantlyΒ get on with their daily activities. WeΒ have yet to do some sight seeing as the warm-watered beaches really make any planning laughable.Β And so we jumped on the laid back Barbadian band-wagonΒ and decided to chill for most part of the afternoon… and enjoy the moment…

4th day in Barbados

Yesterday was a lazy day…………



  1. my country!!

    1. you are lucky! lol


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