Autumn is upon us. Perhaps my favourite season as living in London constant sunny weather is scarce, so one must do with what our blessing are and what our blessings are not.ย I have been really good and cautious with my spending this year so far. Looking back at spring / summer, I have barely bought any clothes (emphasis on the ‘barely’). Shoes were my treatย – only six pairs were purchased (that is good people and you know it!). I am looking forward to infusing colour during this fabulous, justified, dull season. My obsession with texture shall live on: faux-furs, velvet, wool, corduroy, cashmere, leather, PVC, denim, plaid; heck, even lace! Forget trends! It is all about embracing the season and having fun with your clothes.

Recycle your wardrobe

I always shop in my own wardrobe. Often mixing past-season items with new found gems. Nothing beats the feeling of giving ย old clothes a new lease of life. In the photo bellow, I played around with a dress and some not-so-tired faux leather leggings. A hint of colour and contrast from my (dated wardrobe dug-out) shoes and texture from my faux-fur gillet. Minimal accessories for this busy style + stud earrings. A plain black bag to keep in line with the neutral theme so not to overpower my central piece: The recently purchased faux-fur gillet.

Remember to always have a focal point – mine was zer fur ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ



  1. Love the textures!

    1. Merci darling. Glad you do ๐Ÿ™‚


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