2013: On route to self-actualisation

2012 was a great year. I did a lot of soul searching during this period to figure out what I was really passionate about. It is enjoyable to be able to assess the milestones which I set out at the beginning of the year in my ‘Time to regroup’ post.


a stream

a stream / photo : jobshadow.com

It sounds almost juvenile to say; however, I cannot help but feel as though I’ve sneaked into 2013.  I felt guilty for my dismissal of ‘the clean slate’ and of  ‘the breath of fresh air’ a new year brings. Not that I have been feeling pessimistic, but it  almost feels like  I am a stream on a continuation of events which commenced in 2011 (see this post: Such is life..) (and that post: Small brain, Big thoughts). I feel as though my lifelong philosophies resolutions were set in January 2012;  all of which still apply.

Give it a shot…

I did just that.  My pursuit to self actualisation is a journey, not a destination. It is my ability to cultivate positive and significant improvements in parts of  my life. Trinkets of spontaneity, creativity, autonomy yet at the same time  being able to form phenomenal relationships with others.

That being said;

I, Lady Madeleine Laini of London City, as I enter 2013 …

… Pledge my allegiance to:

I am so greatful for all the support, the friendships, the partnerships, the laughters, the rants and I can only hope that my journey into self-actualisation be even more fulfilling, bigger, better and brighter. Happy New Year 2013. xx



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