Cheers to the freakin’ weekend (drink to that)

One of the things that makes London so special is definitely its night life scene. It is as versatile and vibrant as its inhabitants. On Saturday I headed to Barrio East on the strip of Shoreditch High Street for a friend’s birthday celebration. I was enthused to be introduced to this eclectic pot of Latin American flavour. It is definitely a place I would recommend.

Quirky, brightly-coloured interiors are the first things you notice when you enter Barrio. From the floor to the ceiling, nothing has been left untouched in terms of decor, offering an atmosphere of  harmonious mixture of Latin-American cultures. Unmissable, most striking, is perhaps the converted 1960’s van you can sit in besides the dance floor and the Cuban inspired bar called ‘The Timber Yard’.

Barrio East can be mistaken for being a small venue, however it is split into distinct sections to suit different moods: a marble-top bar tucked away at the back of the club where one can eat and chitter-chatter  among friends or even share an intimate kiss with that-lucky-somebody thanks to the appropriately-lit candles arranged on the various tables. An open air section can be found at the rear for those who may decide to cool-off after terrorising the dance floor or perhaps dine at the forefront of the club where ‘Calamari de Cuba‘  or the Mexican fondue ‘Queso fundido‘ may be served. (see full food menu).

Cocktails on the menu seemed equally tasty and were divided into  ‘New Releases’, ‘Remixes’ and ‘Greatest Hits’. I settled for the ‘Brazilian lady‘ which the cocktail menu describes as being ‘an exoctic seduction of Abelha organic cochaca, passion fruit and cool lemon‘, which I then mixed with a piña colada; don’t ask! – Ok, it was a little too strong and I prefer sweeter cocktails…

Trust me to be chilling with the DJ! Edward and I got acquainted (follow him on Twitter: @edwardadoo or better yet check out his website) ; he was very friendly and played some truly awesome eclectic music. I am into dance music and I must admit that he really got the crowd jumping. His genre is a fusion of  dance, electronic and urban music (RnB, Reggea, Ragga, Pop); he even played some Latino tracks in the mix (obviously to keep in theme of Barrio), so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Entry is free, however I would advise you to get there before 8 PM to avoid disappointment as it gets really busy; you do not want to be stuck on the pavement peaking through the club’s glass panels.  If you are looking for a place to have a blast among people who simply want to have fun then certainly Barrio East is the baby! Who knows; it may just be the thing you needed to unwind; just for one night… and experience la dolce vita (isn’t that Italian? ) and la vida loca before facing those miserable bunnies at the office on Monday.

Let’s meet again at Barrio East; in Shoreditch… Sometime.

Address:141 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London Borough of Hackney, E1 6JE,


020 7749 3940


Now queue in Rihana….

I hope you all have a productive week. xx


One comment

  1. love it! rewind the weekend or better yet let me keep busy this all week so I can have my weekend come quick enough… ps. my heels are by my bedside


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