6 Favourite Things

I’ve decided to teach myself how to draw. I used to be quite good at it when I was younger but it is something that I did not nurture. Since embarking on Kiyana Wraps, I have had to draw sketches of my ideas.  This meant digging out those modest skills from their grave. I am an advocate of  ‘do not rely on anyone else but yourself if you want something done pronto‘ ethic, so this was the natural course of things; frustrating but inevitable. Do not expect to see any Michelangelo type of drawings just yet; I will most certainly be on the Pablo Picasso type of scribbles  as abstract Art makes much more sense to me.

I went to The Works to buy a few things to get me started. It is an Arts & Crafts supply store where you can even buy box sets of books and  DVDs at discounted prices. I absolutely love this store for  children’s educational books, toys, as well as decorative items such as posters and gadgets; it is truly like treasure hunting everytime I go there.

Once I master my craft, I will invest in more expensive equipment. Every Artiste (French accent) knows that when it comes to drawing, one cannot gamble on the quality of pencils one utilises. Non! Non!


If you are interested in any of the items above, here are the links:

  1. Sketching Pencils
  2. 12 Assorted Colours – Colouring Pencils
  3. Putty Eraser Twin Pack
  4. Boldmere A2 Artists Sketch Pad
  5. Book: Anatomy for the Artist (How to Draw)




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