When it is really cold outside, I always layer-up with  tons of clothes to keep warm. It means that my style is often very busy  and sometimes frumpy. This is fine if you have nowhere to go, however, if you are going to meet with friends to socialise or go on a fun date-night, it is important to invest in beautiful, trendy coats and intricately woven knitwears during winter. I prefer knits  with refreshing colour pallets because they bring light and warmth towards the face.  Simple accessories such as studded earrings are always my favourites. They are very delicate and  add personality touches to an outfit very discreetly without overpowering one’s ensemble.

{Oversized teal knit from ZARA}

{Stud earrings bought from Plus-Size high street store Evans. I simply love their accessories}

{This year I vowed not to play in the snow but after falling twice on my bottom in broad daylight (double cringe!) and witnessing my self-worth walking away from me, I figured that Mr Snow was mad at me; so off we went for a little fun}

{The Humanistic Psychologist – I bought this book from a charity shop (thrift store). It is a series of  collated academic journals and commentaries from psychologists. I often go to charity shops to scour for interesting books. This one is definitely a keeper; very thought-provoking indeed.)


{Studded-earrings also bought from Evans}

{This Rose water candle was bought from a random store. It offers a refreshing feel in my bathroom. I only bought it because it looked so pretty (don’t judge me)  and it does smell ‘delish’ as my sister would say. I Love it!}



  1. Lovely jumper, great colour!


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