Music Friday: Nandi Mngoma

Thanks to the internet, I am able to uncover hidden gems of the world. Two thousand and twelve was the year I indulged and fell in love with the South African culture. The internet enabled me to travel to this part of the globe at the click of a button. From listening to online radio stations, to watching popular TV shows uploaded on YouTube, nothing went under my radar.

Three weeks ago while checking out the latest entertainment on “the good life” features of  TopBilling‘s Youtube Channel, I came across an interview of Nandi Mngoma. A songstress with many talents, whose beauty is equally as enchanting as the tone of her voice. In the interview, she spoke about the single ‘Mnandi‘ from her recently released self-entitled album ‘Nandi‘. The snippet of the hit-single got me hooked immediately! I have been blasting it listening to it ferociously ever since.

I love house music simply because it makes me want to dance and gives me the general feel-good factor on a night out or when I am relaxing at home. Let me know what you think of the song. Do you like it? Would it make the cut and feature on your playlist?

p.s. If you would like a chunkier piece of Nandi, you may visit her blog, keep up to date through her Facebook fan page or purchase her music through iTunes.

Have a great weekend.




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