The perfect Congolese beef stew foiled by the horsemeat affair

I cook every two days. Simply because I dislike eating the same meal more than twice during the same week. Today I cooked a simple tomato beef stew Congolese style and thought to take a few photos in case I wanted to turn it into a blog post.  When I finished cooking, I began to dwell on the horsemeat burger scandal which horrified UK residents two weeks ago (if you do not live in England read: [Prime Minister David] Cameron tells supermarkets: Horsemeat burger scandal unacceptable ).

Unfortunately for me, these thoughts have killed my appetite  so I think I will settle for Quacker’s  golden syrup Oat So Simple with Twinings‘ raspberry & strawberry flavoured tea until I stop imagining horses and poneys galloping  on my plate feel a bit better.

How to cook it:


{ I always create my own seasonings using fresh ingredients, which I then store in the freezer. This one is composed of blended garlic and ginger. It is a staple and can be added into any dish. }

{I fry some spring onions, a bit of leak and onions. For added flavour, you could add fresh coriander (cilantro), parsley or celery.}


{ Once the onions are cooked, add the chopped tomatoes and let it simmer thoroughly. }


{You will know when the tomato is cooked once the content sinks at the bottom of the pot, making the oil rise above it. The tomato will also have a deep red colour; mummy taught me. lol }


{ Boil the beef with some seasoning. This may include some beef stock, maggi cubes, salt, garlic and ginger powder. Once this process has been achieved, semi-fry the beef  to give it a nice golden colour (although this is not obligatory, especially if you are concerned about too much fat in your food). }


{ Bring to boil by adding the beef to the tomato sauce, water and 2-3 stock cubes (or salt as an alternative). I highly suggest that you also add 2-3 bay leaves at this stage. If you like spicy food, you may insert a whole chili too at this stage (such as this one). }

{ Now let it simmer for 15 minutes at low heat. }


{Serve your perfect Congolese-style beef stew with some white rice and fried, diced plantain accompanied by some French red wine. You could also add sprinkles of chopped rosemary and lemon zest onto your plate to release an amazing fragrance.}

What did you have for dinner? And most importantly, may I have some? Anything but beef at the moment! :p




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