I set out to rekindle my drawing abilities (as mentioned here). This is a warm-up of late. Although there are no set rules when it comes to drawing, one tip I can share with you is to try to move your shoulder when you are drawing sketches instead of your wrist as it creates looser lines.  Find more tips here.


{ Are you coming over for tea? }

This tea set was gifted to me  six years ago but it has been sitting in its box since I did not have the right kitchen cabinet for it (don’t judge me). I have finally dug it out and have begun to make use of it.


{ Wintry textures for spring }

I am really into leather and faux-leather at the moment. Balmain’s  Spring /Summer 2013 collection has inspired me further (see my review). I stumbled upon these off-white faux-leather trousers whilst taking a short cut through my local H&M store. They fit marvelously.


{ Purple envy }

Nothing beats ZARA on the high street at the moment when it comes to stylish shoes on sales. These purple block heels won me over. A touch of colour executed so eloquently.


{HALF in LOVE with DEATH: Managing the Chronically Suicidal Patient, Joel Paris }

Not that I am feeling suicidal or anything but this book caught my attention. How could it not?,  the title is ingenious! It is a resource book for clinicians who treat chronically suicidal patients. I thought it would make an interesting read.  If interested, you can buy it from Amazon.


{  Turn over a new leaf }

This delicate leaf-inspired necklace rests perfectly on the neck. It was purchased from Warehouse.

What were your favourite items this week?



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