I am often stopped on the streets by passers-by who want an on-the-spot head wrapping tutorial. On a good day, I have been known to actually untie my head wrap and re-wrap it just to teach certain people (yes, I’m lovely or insane like that). Looking back at my photos, I see that head wraps form a very essential part of my personal style. Here  are some of my favourite  ones:


It is not uncommon for me to be asked to define my personal style when poeople meet me for the first time. Frankly, I am often lost for words because it varies a lot. This is an example of how unconventional it can appear; on one extreme, I can have clashing patterns and prints, on other days it can be as plain as a blank canvas. One thing is certain, I love colour, fabulous prints and well made, durable clothes. I tend not to plan what to wear, it just happens (I hate how cliche that sounds).

I hope it gives you an insight but mainly highlights how fun and versatile wearing a head wrap, turban or foulard can be. They are definitely one of my most favourite pieces of accessories.

How do you style yours?




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