Afro-chic in the rain


ZARA Woman burgundy faux-leather trousers | Self customised white ACNE  T-shirt |  Oscar De La Renta silk scarf | ZARA Woman shoes | ZARA bag

Nothing beats down a spirit like a rainy day – but no one seems to have told mother nature. Here in England, the rain has been sweeping through the country; in fact there is promise of some snow in the early hours of the morning. At times like these, clever layering-up is the key. I tend to stick to season palettes (aubergine and green in this case) and inject colors in order to add some warmth and light reflection towards my face (hence the white Tee and floral silk scarf). Having some key pieces in your wardrobe like a classic trench coat  or a shift dress are good investments which would allow you to easily transition from day/office wear to evening wear while still looking effortlessly chic in the rain. Do not be reluctant to accessorise, as peppy colour injections can even bring an all black ensemble to life.


5 Rainy Day Chic Fashion Tips

  1. Have an umbrella! – A no-brainer! However if you are like me, then you would probably have had to use the free METRO newspaper or a Sainsbury’s plastic bag on your head on an unsuspected rainy day. NOT COOL! Why not make it fun by using your umbrella as an accessory; a good opportunity to inject some colour around you. This one is a good example.
  2. Wear good leather heels – They can be wiped and are water proof unlike suede shoes. Yes, wellington boots were made for the rain, but who wears them unless it is snowing? Not me! (lol) Although HUNTER boots are the epitome of welly-chicness, remember that ultimately, it is about comfort and your destination.
  3. Tights – just because it is raining does not mean that you have to put your midis and minis away. A good pair of tights ensures that your legs remain dry.
  4. Remain dry! – Looking like a wet puppy is not very chic. Buy a nice coat that’ll keep you warm and dry at all times.
  5. Do not lose your umbrella like I do all the time! Otherwise you will have to resort to number ‘1’ , making number ‘4’ be an epic failure.


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