Blue Among Grey


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 The weather has been absolutely appalling for the passed two weeks throughout the country. I do not know about you, but bad weather really puts me in a fowl mood. I envy bloggers who constantly post photos of themselves in the sunshine because here in England, harmonious blend of sunshine and warmth is a luxury!

On a more positive note, I have mastered the Art of layering up during bellow-freezing temperatures over the years without compromising too much on my style. I never fail to wear cotton vests underneath my clothes. On exceptionally cold days (such as the one in the photo collage bellow), I tend to add an additional T-shirt underneath and a cardigan to top it all off. Having a lot of warmth in my chest area, means that I can allow my feet to trod along in delicate heels.

Let us hope that the grey will soon disappear to make way for some blue (skies). In the mean time, I shall continue to inject some much needed colour and vibrancy from my wardrobe into the streets of London.


What are your most indispensable items to keep warm during cold weather?



  1. I love the combo—the blue sweater with the gray underneath. Don’t your tootsie get cold in those shoes?

    1. Thanks Lorraine. My tootsies (officially stolen word) do get cold. However, I sometimes have ‘transition shoes’ in my bag, like pumps/ ballerinas. Living in London and commuting most women carry spare shoes. *sigh* I’ve answered this all the while assuming that by ‘tootsie’ you mean my feet. I may be wrong here. lol

  2. Yep…feet are correct. New Yorkers/DCers do the same thing as you Londoners do….”sensible” shoes for walking and the “pretty” shoes in bags until they get to their destinations. We Michiganders have to deal with too much mud, sludge and snow so we just wear boots all the time (grin)


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