Indian Chicken Tikka Masala made easy


When I am feeling unwell, the last thing that I want to do is stay in the kitchen for too long preparing food. Some Congolese dishes can take as long as four hours to cook; never mind if you have guests coming over to the house, then you are guaranteed to be there for most part of the day! I always ensure that my kitchen contains easy foods to prepare (as I like to refer to them). Examples include stir-fry ingredients such as sliced chicken breast fillets, steaks or stapple vegetables such as potatoes and also bolognese tomato sauces in jars. Unfortunately, I dislike ready-meals and can only tolerate a very small amount of take-way food during the week (or ‘take-out food’ for my American readers) so not cooking is not an option, no matter how poorly I feel. Yesterday, I made some Indian chicken tikka masala for dinner using a ready-made chicken tikka masala sauce found in my kitchen cupboard. I normally prefer the Uncle Ben’s one but thought to try a different brand this time to taste the difference. I find cooking very easy, so I am not one to measure ingredients à la lettre, I tend to know how much is needed, for how long and when. I do have experience I’ll have you know! lol Saying this, cooking the masala sauce from scratch does not look too difficult neither. This video from YouTube is a great recipe example. I shall make an attempt at it in the near future, when I feel better.

IMG_5552IMG_5553IMG_5559IMG_5571chicken tikka masala

{ I often have fresh flowers in the kitchen as I find them very refreshing and uplifting. }

What did you have for dinner yesterday evening?



  1. Yummy! do you have a favorite recipe for capitaine cooked in banana leaves? That has to be one of my all time favorite dish (and serve it with plantains, pili pili and pondue and you have my most favorite meal in the world!)

    1. It sounds like I should be hanging out with you Lorraine! Yummm! lol at pondu and pili pili; and here I was thinking I should come easy with the traditional Congolese dishes. You have just encouraged me to dive straight in! It is on! I do intend to share Congolese recipes here so be on the look out. Merci ma cherie 🙂

  2. Strangely enough I also needed something that cooked very quickly and also opted for a Chicken Tikka Masala – although I went for the Sharwoods sauce. I added red onion and mushrooms to mine (there is something about mushrooms in a curry that I just adore).

    Presentation wise, mine was just dumped on the plate and didn’t look anywhere near as gorgeous as yours – that rice looks fabulous!

    1. Yes; mushrooms are nice. Sometimes I even add carrots! But I do wonder, can we still name it ‘Indian’ chiken tikka masala once we’ve altered the ingredients? lol and ‘dumped on the plate’ made me burst into laughter.


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