Sleep-Walking Fantasy


{ Massimo Dutti Top | Cow leather Bag – bought in Bukavu | Shoes from  ZARA }

When I analyse the trends of Zer Blog, I gauge that many of my readers really prefer the fashion posts. More often than not, when I actually look decent, I do not have a camera at hand to capture my outfit of the day for your viewership. On most occasions, my significant other takes photographs of me. However, due to differences in our schedules, it means that weekends are most suitable for any potential fashion blog shoots. Oh, but it even gets more complicated as Mr Current Photographer plays football at various locations around the city for most part of the day grrrr! Weekends are also days when I may respond to invitations, attend events, go to parties, run errands for the house; so catching the sunlight is a tricky affair, especially since Spring has yet commenced.

I may have found a solution!

Our son turned seven years old two weeks ago (yikes!). Yesterday after school, I thought I would put his DSLR skills to the test on a ‘test shoot’. To my surprise, we actually had plenty of fun; not once did he moan, boss me around and complain  nor was he impatient unlike his father! I knew that having a child would come in handy! And just like that, I have recruited a new photographer….


 Do ‘LIKE’ the post if you think he did a better job than his father good job

Who takes your blog photographs?



  1. fashionwithoutfuss · · Reply

    Love the shoes!! Hail Zara..

  2. I especially like the way the shoes highlight the color from your beautiful head wrap. Kudos to your new photographer!

  3. Zara never fails, It is actually becoming quite annoying to not be able to branch out to other stores lol I think this is the first time that I have my laughter captured in full view for Zer Blog. Kudos indeed!


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