Congolese Achievement Awards UK 2013


The first edition of the Congolese Achievement Awards (CAA) UK will take place on Saturday 27th April 2013 in London. It is the only major event established to celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals in the UK’s vibrant Congolese community. The CAA hopes to play an instrumental role in elevating the culture, music and collective attributes  of  the  Congolese community, as well as provide a platform for up-and-coming individuals to mainstream popular status in the UK. A commendable, widely applauded initiative put forward by The Boss Brothers .

We have been nominated!

Surprisingly, one of my partners and myself  have been nominated in the categories of  ‘Best Male Presenter‘ and ‘Best Female Presenter‘. Credit to the exposure is partly due to Zer Blog as it provides a platform to showcase our work and those of fellow Congolese people around the globe. Most proudly perhaps, is the recognition given to Young, Congolese an Fabulous for its growing contribution.

As modest as I am in the things that I do and the countless opportunities which come my way, it is a good feeling to know that there are people who support my ventures and escapades. Even more so, a recognition from peers and the UK-based Congolese community for the work that we do through IDAPTVCONGO .

Thank you to all those who nominated us for the first edition of the Congolese Achievement Awards.

What Maddie wore…

What Maddie wore...



  1. Congrats and good luck, Madeleine! Love the headwrap and the toes! .It is dark and dreary (i.e., raining and windy) here right now so looking at the naked tootsies is making me shiver

    1. Thank you Lorraine. If it is any consolation, it had snowed on that day but I went for it regardless. Thank goodness for cars 🙂

  2. Keep it up ! go forward. I am ready to offer you my moral support. It sound perfectly awesome!

  3. Hey, good to see you doing something good for the Congolese community. We are Lending Union and one of manager is form the Congo .

    1. Thanks Max. Ask him whether he would mind a feature on the YCF page:


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