MUSIC FRIDAY: Nandi Mngoma – Goodtimes


Photo via @NandiMngoma on Twitter

I introduced Nandi Mogoma on Zer Blog in this post, since then I have been following her journey as she sails through the international music scene. I do believe that I have a penchant for good things and seem to be developing the skill of spotting breakthrough acts before a lot of more established publications notice them. That is the beauty of being a blogger, things hardly go unnoticed.

Miss Mngoma has released a fantastic new single called ‘Goodtimes’ which I have dubbed ‘My Lifelong Anthem’.  It is the first music video from the singer’s debut self-entitled album “Nandi”, a fusion of jazz and house music;  a modern take of the 50’s and 60’s, with injections of contemporary African vibes.  It is a general feel good track which reminds me of  happy, hot summer days spent with friends. If you have a penchant for fashion, then the wardrobe styling in the video will be right up your street. I think we may just have a fashion aficionado in our hands!

Enough of me rambling, I simply adore this track.




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