Myself with head designer Tina Lobondi at the CAA

The 1st Congolese Achievement Awards (CAA) took place on Saturday 27th April 2013. It was the most anticipated event of the year so far among the UK-based Congolese community organised by The Boss Brothers in collaboration with Cynthia Kams.

Certainly unequivocal is the style-stakes among Congolese people, that fashionistas were at the ready! Here is one of my favourites of the night; known as “Sapeurs” or “Les Sapeurs”. A cult of elegance among certain men whose religion is ‘Clothes’ (referred to as “Kitendi”, a slang word for clothes in Lingala – a DRC Language). “Religion Kitendi” , translated as “Garment Religion” is the worshipping of all things luxurious and extravagant by Les Sapeurs.


La Robe de Tina

Tina Lobondi is a Congolese-French fashion designer based in London, whose creations focusses on clean lines, feminine silhouettes with some touches of African accents. Her collection has featured in mainstream magazines such as Marie Claire and ELLE. I sought her out at her Notting Hill-based studio to borrow a fabulous dress for the evening. You know me, only the best will do.

Et voila!


Quick snaps at the end of a great evening among familiar faces

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  1. Rianna · · Reply

    I love it the style is fab!

  2. Thank you sweety!

  3. WOW you are looking absolutely gorgeous !!!!!
    Tina Lobondi is one African designers I really would like to meet. You both look stunning ….


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