Friday Music: Fally Ipupa – Sweet Life

sweet life

If you are from DR Congo you will either be “TeamFally” (Fally Ipupa) or “TeamFerre” (Ferre Gola), the two most coveted  artists  in the music scene that resonate with Congolese popular culture. With over two hundred and fifty thousands ‘Like’ on his Facebook Fan Page and a growing number of followers on Twitter and Instagram, Fally Ipupa is hardly going unnoticed. A nominee at the American BET Awards (2011), the British MOBO Awards (2012) and France’s Trace Urban Music Awards (2013), “The Champion of Love” seems to be forging his own legacy on the international music scene. In 2010, Fally Ipupa won two prizes at the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Video (“Sexy Dance” featuring Krys) and Best Francophone Artist. His ambitions to make Congolese music mainstream, has led him to collaborate with artists such as Eve, G-Unit’s Olivia, Nigeria’s J Martins, French artist Lynnsha to name but a few.

Having somewhat outgrown my “TeamFally” T-shirt (he is very popular with the ladies) and been unashamedly swirling in my “TeamFerre” Tee, I cannot deny the fact that Fally Ipupa holds a special place in my heart. He has just released his most anticipated third album called ‘POWER’. The track ‘Sweet Life’ was an excerpt of the latter, released last December on his birthday.

Lest readers should worry that there were not enough of him to go around – after having conquered the African continent, rest assured that this implausible mash-up of classic Congolese Rumba and  modern R&B rhythms has his sights set on making an even bigger name for himself – and a new image for Congolese music.

Discover and get to know one of the icons of modern Congolese music; coming somewhere near you; my Friday Night Jam……

Keep up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his Website.


One comment

  1. James · · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. Great piece of writing. Fally Ipupa is definitely doing a fantastic job at keeping DRC music on the international music scene. Keep’em coming!


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