Fally Ipupa, Youssoupha & Sexion D’Assaut winners at TUMA 2013


Left to right: Group Sexion D’Assaut, Fally Ipupa & Youssoupha. Photo via Trace TV Facebook fan page

The winners of the first Trace Urban Music Awards (TUMA) 2013 have finally been revealed!  And to that, the DRC has plenty of cause for celebration!

Singer – Songwriter Fally Ipupa was honored as the “Best African Artist” of the year. Rapper Youssoupha, son of the legendary and influential Congolese musician, turned political figure Tabu Ley Rochereau, won the “Best Music Video” category for his hit single ‘Les Disques de mon Père‘ – translated from French as “The Records of my Father” to whom he dedicated his award, including his own son. Sexion D’Assaut  – whose member Maître Gims is Congolese, won the “Best Live Performance” category.

The star-studded event which saw the crème de la crème of France’s urban music personalities gather under one roof, was organised by TRACE in collaboration with CANALSat to mark its tenth years anniversary in the industry.

Dubbed by TRACE as its first “Musical showcase”, the two hours ceremony sought to present its audience the vast diversity in urban music and cultures. The Trace Urban Music  Awards was broadcasted live on the TRACE URBAN channel. The award ceremony was held at  LeTrianon theatre, Paris, on Tuesday 14th May 2013.

From left to right: French singer Ayna, rapper Youssoupha and group members of Sexion D’Assaut. Photo via Facebook: Trace TV


Sexion D’Assaut collecting their awards for “Best Live Performance”. Photo via Facebook: Trace TV


Rapper Yousoupha with artist Fally Ipupa backstage. Photo via Facebook: FallyIpupaofficial



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