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Big hello! – Although I feel like shouting an “I am back!” whilst holding my fist and punching forcefully into the air;  but I doubt very much that the imagery will translate into words as well as I envision it. Bottom line? I have been busy. It feels like the most inappropriate, yet appropriate statement to make at this point.  I had to take a moment of  recluse (although not entirely exclusive to complete seclusion from the public and society per se) but Zer Blog prohibited me from focusing and achieving certain goals that I set upon myself – i.e. conceptionalising my ideas and getting my business off the ground. Fellow bloggers will sympathise with me, as taking care of a blog (or web content management in general) can be very time consuming.  I decided to prioritise by focusing on the task at hand. This has served me well as I was able to successfully complete my millinery training, bring our concept to life and have a product to sell. Yes, a tap on the back to us at Kiyana Wraps!

So what’s been up Madeleine? Whachu been doin’?

Africa Fashion Week London 2013 came and went. Here is a snippet from the pre-shoot interview that I did two months ago. A “highlights” post of my favourite moments beckons, therefore I shall  share that with you very soon.

It has been challenging

Finding that “work-life balance” that I keep inexplicably reading about in women’s magazines and website articles of late, is a concept that I am still trying to decipher as I type! It is true that “becoming your own boss” has its perks (in terms of flexibility of working hours and the autonomy in risk taking and/or decision-making), but to its disadvantage, it means switching off mentally is almost impossible as you are having to do many things by yourself. That said, I am trying to teach my mind and body to do one thing at a time.  Regulating the control-freak and perfectionist in me requires a restraint straitjacket, however I am beginning to get the gist of it all… arguably. Theory aside;  it is a good start.

What have you been up to?


Ps: If you would like to read more about my experiences as I embarked in business to date let me know either by commenting bellow or giving it the thumbs up.

Love from Mads.



  1. So glad to be reading you again. I was getting a little concerned–very happy to know that your silence is due to good things….I definitely want to read more about your progress in the business world. Writing of which, I love the Kiyana wraps and the beautiful image of the 3 ladies wearing them on the home page of http://www.kiyanawraps.com/. Personally, I don’t really think there is such a thing as a “work-life balance”…especially when one is a business owner.

    I am looking forward to seeing more about Africa Fashion Week (AFW) London 2013. Were you able to make the 2013 DRC African Fashion Week? I love the colors and the styles that have been shown on the runways of the various AFWs around the world. But I have been disappointed about one thing….all the incredibly thin, svelte models that were used. I was really hoping that Africa designers would lead the way in celebrating the diversity of the female form. Helas, that did not happen.

    Looking forward to reading more when you have the time/energy

    1. Hi Lorraine. So nice of you to stop by. Your words are always encouraging. No such a thing as a “work-life balance” ? You will give me a heart attack! I shall be the one to find a medium and let you in on my secret 🙂 … in time.

  2. Really enjoyed that video Mad! Awesome 🙂

    1. haa. Thank you Shalana. Did I mention that I edited it too? Multi-tasker at work lol


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