La Rentree


When translated from French, “La Rentree” signifies ” The Return”. It is a term coined to describe the start of a new academic year. However metaphorically, “La Rentree” also symbolises a “new beginning” or a “new season”.

“La Rentree” has been on my mind. Perhaps it is because we are entering  a new season. Or perhaps, it is because I feel that I am personally entering a new season. I am going through changes, positive changes. Although unclear of what those changes are, I am looking forward to embarking on this new journey. Something is definitely in the air.

I am making sense to you?




  1. Lorraine M. Thompson · · Reply

    Yep, you are making sense to me….and I wish you many happy dances during this new season! BTW, with respect to an earlier conversation about work/life balance I saw this article and thought of you “168 Hours” to a Fulfilling Career AND Life–Q&A with Laura Vanderkam

  2. You’re making sense to me!


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