Hello 2014


Reflecting upon the past few months as I type makes me feel at ease – unlike the load of guilt I have been carrying due to the lack of blog-posting on my behalf (sincerest apologies). To be honest with you, I have been blogging in my head; yes it is possible I’ll have you know!  I took some time to assess the reason behind it and  concluded that  I stopped sharing posts because I have become increasingly aware that people who know me personally read my blog and the thought of that was a little unnerving. Knowing that my writing-style was being judged, and being questioned about what is deemed ‘sharing material’ by those dear to me, is not something that I was prepared to deal with nor discuss just yet.

Finding your purpose

When I began my blogging  journey in 2011, the idea of sharing some of  my thoughts with complete strangers appealed to me. Being more of ‘a thinker’ than ‘a talker’, blogging was the perfect avenue to vomit some of my inner thoughts. What has been surprising on this journey, is the amount of positive feedback that Zer Blog has received. Thank you.

Lessons learned

Change is constant. Change is a good thing. Sometimes, being in a new environment triggers the survival mode within us – whether that means adapting or adjusting our behaviour, or the need to become self-sufficient or self-aware, in order to lead a more fulfilling life and forge better relationships with others. Our experiences are what enables us to relate to one another; even as complete strangers. It is a beautiful thing..

Moving forward

I am overwhelmingly grateful for  the passed twelve months. For turning 30 and having a fair idea of what I want out of life (jeez! that took forever! I had too many options lol), for working insatiably towards establishing my business and growing immensely in the process. I am Miss Optimistic by default but now armed with a flashlight and it feels good; beware!

A toast to my followers

I am most appreciative of your enthusiastic support. Thank you for being superb. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.  I look forward to sharing more of the little things in 2014! Let’s go get it! Make it bigger, better and brighter than it was in 2013.

Happy New Year!




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