FRIDAY MUSIC: Brooklyn Bound

oroma elewa2

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Oroma Elewa was Vogue’s Rising Style Star of 2011. In my eyes, she reigns supreme as the Afro-cosmopolitan queen of cool, effortlessly oozing hipsterdom without even trying. What’s more, she is a DJ; how cooler can a female get?

When she isn’t spinning decks to a fashionable crowd  in electric cities as New York, you can find her toying with her camera (she is a photographer) or better yet, master-minding one of her latest projects ‘The Africana Global Book Of Style‘ – a new book series that explores old African traditions, Afro-cosmopolitanism and style. Nigerian-born Elewa is also the former editor in chief of Pop’Africana magazine.

Brooklyn Bound is a mix she conjured. It features tracks by  Clam Casino, Shlomo, Röyksopp and Flight Facilities. If the combined words ‘chillaxing’, meditation and retreat required a theme song, then this would be it. It is my secret weapon to quiet moments, me-time and perfect relaxation. What better way to welcome the weekend ? It is my Friday night jam.

Which song do you relax to?

Have a lovely weekend!



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