Midsummer’s night dreaming


I think when people look from the outside, it seems like you have it all figured out! The truth is; discovering and following your midsummer’s night dream probably is the most difficult thing for one to do. If you are one of the lucky ones, you would have known from a very young age what your purpose in life would be. For most of us however, that ‘passion’ that we seek takes time and effort to uncover.

What dreams are made of..

What ARE dreams made of? And at which point do they become a reality? What differentiates  us in this pursuit is our ability to trust in our gut feelings, to feel the fear and uncertainty yet do it anyway.  Our quest for success – whatever  that may be, is not dependable on set guidelines; if anything, the journey is ambiguous. At its worst, trading financial security (I cannot remember the last REAL shopping treat I had) and an exuberant social life may seem like a sacrificial lamb. At its best however, your mind gets to simmer in total freedom of creative expression, control, decision-making and be a step closer to the festival-esque camping site you created in the realm of fairyland, under the light of the moon (this is a direct reference to Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream; no really!)

What I simply mean to say is that the sacrifices you make now will bring you a step closer to uncovering your passion and achieving your dreams; damn you Shakespeare!

 Believe in yourself

  1. Plan and research; it’s the correct thing to do when you embark on any journey; so why should entrepreneurship  and dream-chasing differ? This will prepare you to face unexpected challenges.
  2. Believe in yourself. Trust in your craft; in your ability to channel your thoughts into concise, attainable objectives regardless of what others tell you.
  3. Attend workshops, training courses if you have to, it will make you more astute.
  4. Be authentic, people like honesty, ‘people buy from people’, ‘people relate to people’. All of this is true.
  5. Network!

Take time to enjoy your milestones by treating yourself – my treats tend to revolve around food, so restaurants are my indulgences. Most  importantly, enjoy the process of making your midsummer’s night dream into reality; one day at a time.

What have you been dreaming of lately?

Madeleine. x




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