Colloquial Glossary

Here is my expanding glossary of colloquial terminologies and abbreviations which you may have come across in some posts:

NB: This is not in alphabetical order, I update it in accordance to my  latest blog postings.

-Bad·ass / Badass:  When used as an adjective: Tough or aggressive: “a badass temper”. / When used as a noun:  A tough, aggressive, or uncooperative person.

-Wonga: cash, dough, change, money

-The System: the government, the economy, society (varies according to context)

-BBM: Blackberry Messenger

-BFF: Best friends forever

-KMT: Kiss my teeth

SMH: shakes my head

-lol / looool: Laugh out loud

-LMAO: laughing my ass off

-RO( T )FL: rolling on (the) floor laughing

-WTF: what the fuck

-chirpsed: chatted-up by the opposite sex

-cos: because

-ppl: people

-bedazzled: can mean anything in context to the text; here we are implying ‘taken/snapped-up etc’

-Eh eh eh: universal African expressions of astonishment

-Elephant: Elephant and Castle (Greater London town)

-I’m feeling you: I understand you

-nabbing: getting myself something (context of post should clarify the object)

-nailed: perfected

-blud: mainly used in the UK. “Blud” comes from bredrin (brother) or blood brother

-Nah blud: no blood; meaning a relative i.e. sister or a bestfriend

-vajazzle: vagina

-what-less: not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.

-Zim : Zimbabwe

-summink: something (cockney dialect)



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