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It is good to know somebody that knows somebody… Read more…


Leslie Thomas Curates ‘I Dream of Congo: Narratives From The Great Lakes’

Armed with my email invitation, my DSLR, my note pad and a pen; I set off to attend the private launch of the exhibition ‘ I Dream: of Congo Narratives from The Great Lakes’, curated in support of grassroots projects in Eastern Congo, a corner of the planet torn by decade-long wars and sexual violence against women. This article is a commentary of my thoughts about the exhibition. Read more…

Gasandji, DJ Ya Kil, Mulele Matondo Afrika & Lola Rae to perform at the “I Dream of Congo: Party”

Join me on Saturday 16th February for the “I Dream Of Congo: Party” an evening promised to be filled with soukous beats and live acoustic sounds. Read more…

LOKUMU MONTHLY: Noella Coursaris Musunka

Noella Coursaris Musunka’s star is continuing to shine. An advocate for girl’s empowerment through the provision of education, she set out to bridge this gap by founding The Georges Malaika Foundation, offering free education to girls in the remote village of Kalebuka in Lubumbashi. Read more…

LOKUMU Monthly: Lisette Mibo is our cover girl

This month’s Lokumu Monthly pays tribute to the London-based model and activist Lisette Mibo who has graced the front cover of Zen Magazine’s September issue.

OPINIONS THAT MATTER: Kambale Musavuli on Congo

This is going to be a long post coming from a place of love and urgency needed for our people on the ground. Lots of calls were made to folks on the ground and policy makers here in the USA. We are very clear that change will come from the inside so it is really […]

LOKUMU Monthly: Gasandji

With a name that translates as “The one who awakens consciences”, Congolese artist Gasandji is on a mission to do just that…..through her music; a fusion of African rhythms, reggae beats, jazz sounds and soulful melodies.