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Indian Chicken Tikka Masala made easy

There’s no skimping on taste when eating chicken tikka masala. This is an easy and quick method that I use when I cannot be bothered to spend too much time in the kitchen without compromising my taste buds. Read more…



Guacamole is a spicy avocado dip originated from Mexico. A twenty minutes dish to create, it is great for children’s parties (without the chilies of course), will make you look like a culinary aficionado while hosting a social gathering with friends or just for yourself to enjoy in front of the telly. Eat up! Find out how I made mine. Read more…

The perfect Congolese beef stew foiled by the horsemeat affair

Beef stew is always a great dish especially during winter.

EAT: Caesar Salad

A Caesar salad is a salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and black pepper. Only two of the listed cored ingredients were used. Gastro nerds can give me tips but my lovely apprentices; let us hold hands in unison; cooking is an art after-all! Read more……