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The pleasure of being a woman

There is a lot more that connects us than what meets the eye… Read on.


Valentines Day gifts n’ pieces

If you are falling short of gift ideas for Valentines Day, my shortlist may offer some clarity or inspire you to buy that special someone something similar. Find out more…

What’s so extraordinary about the ordinary?

What is so extraordinary about life anyway? I do not repudiate that being alive and in good heath or having the basic necessities that many on the globe are lacking from is not remarkable. What are we looking for? What do we seek as human beings. Read more…

The Importance Of Being A SELFISH PARENT

How can one possibly be a selfish parent without having Social Services knocking at the door? And what are the benefits? Read more…..

For The Love. Of Me.

From Me, to You… Sometimes thoughts fill my head… just like that…

Where Have All The Men Gone?! Musings on Facebook emails….

Musings on Facebook emails on the man-boy effect….