Young, Congolese & Fabulous

Young, Congolese and Fabulous is a community fan page I created on Facebook in order to offer a platform for people of Congolese descent an opportunity to network. I was inspired and motivated to create the fan page while washing the dishes  due to the lack of positive mediums on the internet which honored the INDIVIDUAL. Phrased simply, I scoured the net, did not find what I was looking for and thought “what the heck? Just make it happen Maddie.” Et Voila!

After almost losing my sanity reading countless literature about rapes, poverty (and all the other depressing synonyms and semantics in the field), I set out to search for people whose passions and career choices have distinguished them from their peers by bringing them to  light so that the prevalent problematic stereotypes of the Congolese man and woman can be contradicted. At the core of this quest, is the desire to see people inspire one another, to find the newer breed of Congolese role models and essentially, inspire younger Congolese boys and girls who, more often than not,  fail to see themselves portrayed in the best of light through the media, feel empowered to examine the assumptions that they make about themselves, become self assured adults and fulfill their true potential.

Since its inception in 2011, It has received raved reviews from users. It is an interactive platform where fans of the page can suggest people they know, post articles, photos, music, documentaries and so forth.

I am always in constant awe at the joy people feel when they stumble upon the page. Admittedly, when it was created,  I was concerned about finding many accomplished individuals to fill the various albums since, Congolese people are not the most digitally connected ethnic group to say the least!  Little did I know that Young, Congolese and Fabulous would become so overwhelmingly on demand.

Here are some feedbacks it has received:

Sarah-Nseya Mujinga Bryant says: I love this page. So unique and encouraging and non political. Just something that makes me proud to be associated with Congo at last, having never been there

Gracia Kasoki Katahwa says: Hi, Juste un petit coucou pour te dire que j’apprécie beaucoup cette page. Keep up the good work!  Bisous. Gracia (Translates: just a quick hello to tell you that I really appreciate / like this page….)

Naa Adjeley Gborjor Kwei says: Thank you, Thank you, Merci! I really appreciate your work

Find out more about the fan page by clicking on the photo bellow.  PRESS THE FACEBOOK ‘LIKE’ BUTTON UPON ARRIVAL 🙂  >>>>

Dress by congolese designer Tina Lobondi – AW12 Dress for the Jewellery Show campaign!

By Congolese fashion designer Tina Lobondi AW12 Dress for the Jewellery Show campaign!

By Congolese fashion designer Tina Lobondi AW12 Dress for the Jewellery Show campaign!


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