Fashion Accessories

There is nothing that gets me going more than a brand new piece of fashion accessory. Whether it is a new broach, a leopard-print pair of tights, an additional silk scarf, a gorgeous cocktail ring or even a clutch bag; I get into a frenzy! I have a ritual that I do when I buy something new; I rush home and try it on, admiring it in front of the mirror and playing ‘dress-up’ by combining my new find with different outfits. Very time consuming believe me but fun. (Am I weird? lol)

I spend more money on accessories than I do on clothes. As I have gotten older, my shopping habits have had to change. I used to shop almost every week, scouring the numerous high street  retailers for my next fashion fix. However with years came responsibilities,  rent, bills and constantly increasing transport costs (yes! this is a key cost not to be left out of  your monthly budgeting plan when living in London) it has meant that shopping had to become more *coughs* ‘controlled’.

Presently,  I scour for key peices; clothes which are trendy and can be worn for a couple of years at least. For instance I know that in autumn a cordroied skirt or a nice pair of quality dark jeans are a must, premium woolen or  knitted cardigans and cashmere jumpers are essentials, leather or suede boots (Knee high is optional) should also form part of  your wardrobe and so forth.

Seasonal colours such as grey, brown, blue, aubergine are always  recurrent (I tend to add a little colour to my autaumn wardrobe by accessorising with a colourful silk scarf,  a playful knitted scarf and for texture possibly a faux-fur scarf). I am a profound advocate for ‘colour’, especially during the winter, even if it is as minute as a pair of coloured studs. I pride myself in having  successfully rescued a few friends from ‘the dark side’. (smiles)

During the summer you can guarantee a hefty dose of  colour, linen, floral and print. You would catch me accessorized in colourful tailored narrow belts, straw hats, sunglasses, bangles, necklaces and a new pair of cute spring/summer peep-toe ‘look-at-me-i’m-so-cute’ sandals.

OOOOhh I almost forgot! A shout out to my flower hair accessories (jumps up and down squealing with delight!) Especially those that can either be pinned to your clothes and tied/clipped to your hair. Now those who know me personally, will know how I does dis!! lol (clicks fingers, other hand on hip, says umhum girlfren!)

Are you more of a ‘clothes’ person or an ‘accessories’ person like me, or maybe both? Which are your favourite pieces and why?



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